Well folks. I thought I would drop in to explain my absense. A couple of weeks ago I tore either the cartilage or ligaments in my knee (the Doc’s aren’t sure yet). I am pretty much completely imobilized until I either heal or they send me to surgery. Since I can’t very well be out and about I have been perusing things to do. To be honest, the outdoors television isn’t cutting it. I hate to just watch people doing what I want to be doing :). There are a few hunting/fishing video games out there, but they only are a very short distraction. So, I have been reading. I am a member of the Military Book Club. While I am not a huge war buff, they do have a good selection of hunting/fishing/shooting/camping books.
On my reading table right now I have: The Rifle Story (previously reviewed), Gun Digest 2007 (Gun Digest) (if you have never looked over a Gun Digest, you are missing a great resource. Thousands of descriptions, articles, reviews and stories. A great read.), The History of Remington Firearms: The History of One of the World’s Most Famous Gun Makers (A great history full of pictures and descriptions of many of their guns.), and The Gun Digest Book Of Exploded Gun Drawings (great for finding parts lists in any DIY repair scenario.).
AS far as fiction, I just got the Club’s special edition of The Day of the Jackal which is one of my favorites and also, IMO, one of the greatest suspense novels ever written. I also read Dick Francis fairly often.
Well, that’s what I am reading. If there are any books you would recommend, let us know.
I’m out.


Hey all, I was just remembering back to when I was a kid and my uncle used to take us camping. It was always and adventure with him and he was always trying new things. I remember one time he said “Hey kids, how about some pizza?” Well, you know kids, “How are we supposed to have pizza without an oven?”, was the popular response. He took out his skillet, put it on the fire and started mixing some ingredients. Shortly thereafter we had a wonderful home-made pizza right over the fire. Recently I was able to get him to cough up his recipe, now keep in mind this is his recipe and you can add whatever ingredients that you want. Continue Reading »

One of my most favorite things to cook when camping is salmon; and nothing tastes better than blackened salmon, at least in my humble opinion. Blackened seasonings are varied to a certain degree depending on your own individual tastes and the region you come from. The blackened seasoning that I’ve added here is my own personal recipe and can be used as is or just as a guideline for your own recipe. Continue Reading »

Hey all I’m back again. I don’t have any wonderful stories to share this time but I do have a wonderful recipe to give you guys. This one is for the breakfast lovers out there. This is another one taken from Grandma’s cookbook. This is a recipe for bacon, eggs and flapjacks. The bacon and eggs part is easy, however I highly recomend leaving the bacon grease in there as it adds flavor to the eggs and the flapjacks and makes for ease of use as you don’t have to add more grease to the pan. Continue Reading »

Hey all, I’m back. Now that you have all had a chance to use your cast iron pans, to make that wonderful cronbread. It’s time to learn how to clean your pan. Now one thing that I will say here, NEVER, NEVER, soak your pan with dish soap. The soap will eat away at your seasoning and cause you to reseason your pan much more than neccessary.

There are a few different methods of cleaning a cast iron pan, and of course everyone has there own methods. The methods that I normally use are just for regular cleaning or, for the rare occasion, when food sticks to the pan and you get those nice black bits on the bottom of the pan. Continue Reading »

Hey all, have you ever gone camping and thought, “Man, I wish I had my cast iron pan,” or even “What should I make today with my cast iron pan?”
Well, I have some answers for you.
In these chronicles we will be delving into the wide and wonderful world of what we can do with cast iron cookery.
The first thing we are going to touch on here is seasoning the pan.
I will also share with you one of my favorite recipes to use with cast iron pans.

Seasoning is probably the most important part of using cast iron. Seasoning is the process by which a layer of animal fat (bacon grease, lard, etc.) or oil (olive, canola, etc.) or basically any type of fat (butter, margarine, etc.) is applied and then cooked onto the surface of the cookware to prevent rusting, create a non-stick surface and to prevent food from interacting with the iron in the pan. Continue Reading »


I was wondering what shotguns people use/prefer. I myself own a Charles Daly Field Hunter. It, for those of you who don’t know, is made in turkey but sold/imported by an American company. As far as shooting goes it has worked pretty well until this last winter it started not feeding ammo. It would shoot the 1st round fine but then the next round would get stuck moving from the magazine up to the chamber. But thanks to a “Lifetime Repair Warranty” it should be repaired or replaced soon. Let me know your feedback